“Giving and sharing your time is a gift that will touch many lives.”

-Dora Singh

join our team!

Access TLC Hospice is always looking for friendly, compassionate and caring volunteers to join our team. Volunteers give the gift of assistance and comfort to our patients and their families. It is meaningful work and very self-rewarding.

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Become a Hospice Volunteer

“Hospice volunteers become friends with people who are terminally ill in the last phase of their lives. You are that calming presence-- a guest and an observer. With full support from our disciplinary team, volunteers provide direct patient contact and can often give the team valuable feedback about issues that may arise during their visits.”

  • Commit to a one time Orientation date/time
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be dependable, patient and a good listener
  • Know your strengths, limits, and be non-judgmental
  • Respect all beliefs, all religious customs and all who lack them

Visit patients at their homes, nursing and assisted living facilities, and board & cares. Be a friendly companion, read a book or newspaper, listen to memories, letter writing, play a game, puzzle or play a musical instrument. We work around your needs so you can dedicate as much time as you have available each week.

Volunteers can also assist in our Administrative Office in Moorpark. Those who are interested in working as End Stage of Life Volunteers should contact us and ask about our NODA program. Volunteers in the NODA program will help ensure that no patient dies alone by being present at the final stages of a patient’s life.


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